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Flexi-Felt® Glides - 100pk - 1/2"H or Less Swivel

Item # D6325C100
From $158.98 $201.50

Product Overview

Flexi-Felt® glides are the answer to noise reduction in the classroom! Durable glides fit easily onto most chair and table legs and prevent screeching and scraping in the classroom. 100 silent glides fit 1/2"H swivel or less.
  • Made from high quality 100% wool felt bottoms with a natural colored rubber sleeve to match any decor
  • The compact design doesn't get in the way when stacking-unlike the tennis balls you've used in the past
  • No tools or adhesives are required for installation
  • Once glides are squeezed securely in place, a child cannot remove them
  • Not for use on carpeted surfaces
  • 5-year warranty


5 Year Warranty