an activity for all preschoolers:
Celebrate Team USA with a shimmering snow globe!

before you begin:
Gather the following materials to create snow globes celebrating Team USA: Colorations® Create-Your-Own Snow Globe, craft foam, glue and scissors. You may choose to use glitter glue or paint as well.

activity goals:
To create a keepsake that celebrates winter and the USA Olympic athletes.

If time permits, children may also add foam stars and stripes to the bottom border of the snow globe.

let's get started

step 1
Remove the snow globe from its packaging and remove the paper insert from inside.
step 2
Using the paper insert as a template, measure and cut a piece of foam to create a flat rectangle.
step 3
Use additional foam pieces, glitter glue or paint to create red, white and blue flag details on the foam rectangle. Once you're done decorating, let the foam dry.
step 4
Insert the foam into the snow globe.
step 5
Remove the plug from the bottom of the snow globe, fill the globe with water and replace the plug to hold everything inside.
step 6
Turn your globe over and enjoy!