an activity for preschoolers:

before you begin:
GATHER MATERIALS: Cardstock or poster board, yarn or pipe cleaners, glue, crayons, and round beads

Hearts are a great shape to use to make and solve a maze!

let's get started

step 1
To make the maze, lay a line of glue onto a sheet of card stock in the shape of a heart, leaving an opening somewhere for the maze to start.
step 2
Lay a string of yarn along the line of glue for the outline of the heart.
step 3
To create the maze, we drew the maze design with a pencil first, then went over the pencil marks with a line of glue.
step 4
Lay another line of yarn over the line of glue for the maze itself and allow to dry.
step 5
The background can be decorated in any way imaginable.
step 6
The finished product will result in a maze that can be used with a round bead or even a mini pom pom and a straw!