before you begin:
Gather materials: Crystal Clear Cover, construction paper glitter, tissue paper, scissors, yarn

activity goals:
To create a colorful and shimmery suncatcher in the shape of a heart

This same activity can be used for any holiday. Simply change to materials to reflect the current holiday season.

let's get started

step 1
Trace and cut a heart shape out of construction paper. Cut the inside out so that an outline of the heart only remains
step 2
Cut a piece of Crystal Clear Cover to fit the size of the heart two times
step 3
Peel back one side of the cover and lay down the heart
step 4
On the inside of the heart on the sticky surface put torn tissue paper pieces, glitter, confetti, etc…
step 5
When the heart is filled in, peel back the other half of the Crystal Clear Cover and lay the sticky side down on top of the heart to protect it
step 6
Cut the excess off of the heart, leaving a small perimeter so that the cover seals the heart
step 7
Punch or cut a hole in the top and string yarn to hang in a window