Celebrate the 4th with some noise! No 4th of July celebration is complete without noisemakers, and this activity will have children making their own in no time. Decorate as you like for creative expression and build motor skills playing this festive drum.

set up ideas:
The Colorations Decorate-Your-Own Spin Drum Kit makes getting started easy. Each of the 12 drums comes assembled, so all you need are decorating materials and a little creativity!

let's get started

Get ready to make a lot of noise! For these festive noisemakers, you'll need to gather our decorate-your-own spin drum kit (includes 12 drums), paint, paintbrush, decorative craft tape and ribbon. Feel free to embellish with other items as well.

step 1
Use the paint to decorate and design the spin drum to your liking. Try using a variety of colors. When finished, let the drum dry.
step 2
Paint the handle of the drum in one or more colors and then allow to dry completely before moving to the next steps.
step 3
Once the handle is completely dry, apply craft tape to your design. Feel free to use one or more colors or patterns in your design.
step 4
Cut a few pieces of ribbon and tie them onto the stick for your final decoration. You may wish to use a single color or multiple colors.

It's okay to march to the beat of your own drum! By decorating their own drums, children will express their individuality and creativity, while all contributing to the chorus of noise that they will make!
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Typical 4th of July colors include red, white and blue. But, you can always celebrate individuality and diversity by allowing any colors or designs to be used.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Create fireworks in a jar! Add several drops of food coloring to a plate with 3-4 tablespoons of water. Then, pour the solution into a large mason jar filled with water. Watch as the food coloring spreads like exploding fireworks.