Decorate your jungle-themed VBS classroom by making your own palm leaves from construction paper! This activity helps young children build motor skills, while giving them a chance to learn about and appreciate leaves.

set up ideas:
For a little inspiration, show off photos of different leaves around the world, especially the kinds found in jungles. Jungles are home to a wide variety of beautiful vegetation.

let's get started

This simple activity requires very few materials. You'll simply need to gather 9" x 12" green construction paper and scissors for each child.

step 1
Fold one piece of 8" x 11" construction paper in half.
step 2
Draw an outline in the shape of a palm leaf onto the construction paper. Your leaf can be oval or round shaped. Don't forget the stem!
step 3
Cut out the outline of your leaf shape carefully, including the stem piece.
step 4
After you've cut out the shape but while paper is still folded, make small cuts around the leaf to resemble a palm leaf.

Talk to students about the different plants in the jungle and how they help deliver oxygen to the planet. Talk to them about how God created all the plants, animals, humans and everything on Earth in the book of Genesis.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Turn your leaves into jungle vines by hanging the children's leaves onto a string or even a rope.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
There are so many uses for your palm leaves! Use them to decorate bulletin boards and walls, with our backdrops to create a 3-dimensional jungle scene, as placemats or as name cards.