One of the best places to begin teaching kindness to others is within the classroom. In early childhood, children are especially receptive to being kind to others. This activity will help children learn to show care and concern toward their peers.

set up ideas:
Gather a stuffed animal or soft doll that children can hold as they share kindness thoughts. Make sure there is a large area where the group can sit in a circle and see each other.

let's get started

All you need in this activity is a large space for everyone to sit where they can all see and hear each other. You may also want to have some writing materials and a board or sticky notes to record the children's thoughts.

step 1
Have the children sit in a large circle on the floor where they can see everyone else in the circle.
step 2
Explain to the children that today they will name kind actions that they will do in the classroom to make the classroom a kinder place.
step 3
Show the children the stuffed animal or doll that has been chosen for the activity.
step 4
Pass the stuffed animal around. As each child holds the animal, have them state something they can do to be kind to others in the classroom. When the child is finished, pass the stuffed animal to the next child.

If the children are having trouble thinking of kind things to do, discuss some ideas they could use to be kind to a single person or to the whole group. They may also think of sometime that someone has done something kind for them and use that for inspiration.
Tips and Tricks Tips & Tricks
If time permits, have another adult record the kindness goals with the children's names onto sticky notes. Let them keep their note as a reminder, or see the follow-up activity below.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Place sticky notes with the children's kindness goals on the board for the day and then revisit the kindness ideas at the end of the day. Give a cheer for the children who have met their goal.