Show your family that you can't live without them through acts of kindness and generosity! This activity will help children learn ways to show kindness to the adults who care for them and any siblings who live with them.

set up ideas:
Be sensitive to the fact that families come in all configurations. Some households may include extended family, foster youth and even close family friends.

let's get started

Staple together small booklets with a front cover that says, “I Will Be Kind to My Family.” You may want to duplicate a cover for each booklet with those words printed on the cover.

step 1
Talk with each child about the family members who live in their home. Challenge the children to think of a kind act they could do for each person in their home.
step 2
Give each child a booklet. Have the children each draw a picture of the kind act they are going to do for each member of their family.
step 3
Have the children share their booklets with the other children and explain the kind acts they plan to do at home.
step 4
Have the children take their booklets home and then report on their kind acts at class the next day.