Teaching children to be kind and thankful for the other adults in their lives is an opportunity to draw attention to giving kindness to support staff. This activity helps promote a sense of belonging by discussing the members of the community.

set up ideas:
Determine what support staff would be appropriate to receive kindness gestures from the children in the group. You may wish to plan with them beforehand for the children to have a chance to meet with them.

let's get started

Decide the appropriate support staff to receive an extra kindness gesture from the children. Suggestions for the various support staff are present in each of the steps of this activity.

step 1
The cleaning staff of the facility. Have the children help clean up the room with extra care. Leave a surprise note for the staff telling them they don’t need to clean today.
step 2
The office staff/administration of the center or school. Make cards for the staff members. The group could also bake cookies or make a treat to accompany the cards.
step 3
The bus drivers, other transportation staff or crossing guard helpers. Be extra considerate and cautious when traveling and create cards to show your appreciation for these workers keeping everyone safe.
step 4
Parent helpers who help routinely in the classroom. Make thank-you cards to surprise them at their next visit.