an activity for all preschoolers:
Celebrate excellence with wearable wreaths!

before you begin:
Real leaves not required! It only takes a few materials to create these wonderful wreaths. Gather the following: scissors, paper plates, green foam sheets or construction paper, and glue.

activity goals:
To create a wearable craft celebrating the origins of the Olympic Games.
Laurel wreaths have been used as symbols of victory, honor, service, creativity (especially in poets) and academic excellence.

let's get started

step 1
Cut a wedge from a paper plate.
step 2
Create a wreath the fits each child's head by cutting a large circle from the middle of the plate to create a head wreath.
step 3
Starting at one tip of the wreath, glue the leaves in a v-pattern all the way to the back side of the wreath.
step 4
Repeat from the other tip, gluing leaves toward the back until the two rows of leaves meet.
step 5
Allow to dry, and then enjoy wearing your leafy green wreaths!