Designed for the Athens VBS theme, this activity will help you dress like the Greeks and Romans of ancient times. Have your VBS class make their own laurel leaf head bands and wear them to celebrate their victories.

set up ideas:
Show examples of the laurel leaf wreath, and discuss how it is a symbol of victory, honor and triumph that is worn around the head. It is also a status symbol.

let's get started

To make these lovely laurel wreaths fit for an Olympian, you'll need to gather green foam sheets, paper plates, scissors and glue.

step 1
Cut green foam sheets into the shapes of individual laurel leaves.
step 2
Cut out the center of a plain white paper plate.
step 3
Using Colorations® glue, place and glue your leaf shapes around the cut paper plate shape.
step 4
Allow the glue to dry completely before handling your wreath. Once the glue is completely dry, wear your laurel wreath proudly on your head.

Discuss the significance of the laurel wreath. It is generally regarded as a symbol of triumph or victory. Ancient Greek gods were depicted as wearing a laurel wreath, and wreaths were given to Olympic athletes and Roman commanders. Today the word "laurel" often refers to victory.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Draw the shape of one laurel leaf on a piece of paper. Use this as a stencil to draw all the leaves you need.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Use laurel leaf wreaths to crown winners of athletic VBS competitions like they did in the ancient Greek Olympics.