an activity for preschoolers:
Children will love looking at the sun catchers as they hang in a window.

before you begin:
Gather paper plates, self-adhesive clear cover, flowers, leaves, sticks and additional objects. Place the supplies on activity tables.

activity goals:
This activity will allow children to see the world through bright, beautiful colors.

Since the children have made these in class, encourage them to create more sun catchers at home.

let's get started

step 1
Paint the rim of a paper plate and allow to dry. This will be the frame of the sun catcher.
step 2
Cut out the center of the plate to create a window.
step 3
Place a piece of self-adhesive clear cover on the back side of the plate so that the sticky surface is exposed through the window.
step 4
Affix flowers, leaves, and sticks on the surface to create the sun catcher.
step 5
Punch a hole at the top and yarn looped through for hanging.