an activity for preschoolers:
Celebrate spring while learning about plant science!

before you begin:
Prepare a space to store your flowers overnight, and gather the following materials: clear plastic cups, rubber bands, Liquid Watercolor™ and fresh white flowers.

activity goals:
To illustrate how flower stems absorb nutrients by letting them absorb color.

This is a great STEM activity. The changing color of the flowers demonstrates the properties of plants and how they absorb nutrients.

let's get started

step 1
Stretch two rubber bands from top to bottom over each cup to hold flowers in place.
step 2
Place the plastic cups onto a flat surface and fill each with a different color of Liquid Watercolor™.
step 3
Clip flower stems at an angle on the bottom and place them in each cup.
step 4
Leave the flowers out to absorb the color. Some flowers will absorb the color overnight, while other flowers may take longer.
step 5
Enjoy the observation process, as well as the final flower colors!