an activity for preschoolers:
These delightful masks bring joy and laughter to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration

before you begin:
Gather materials: paper plates, orange or red paint, brushes or sponges, green and black construction paper, glue or glue dots and craft sticks.

activity goals:
Exploring process art to encourage following instructions and creating a terrific dramatic play craft.

Allow students to embellish their hats and masks as desired for truly unique creations.

let's get started

step 1
Paint the paper plate orange or red on the outside rim only. This part will be the hair and beard.
step 2
Once the plate is dry, cut out the center of the plate. Ensure that the hole is large enough for children to show their faces through the middle.
step 3
Cut a hat out of green construction paper, as well as a strip of black for the hat sash.
step 4
Glue the black strip to the green hat and decorate the hat with a gold buckle, gems or whatever other good luck charms are available!
step 5
Glue a craft stick to the back bottom of the plate for holding up to the face.
step 6
Have fun taking pictures and chasing rainbows with your leprechaun mask!