Create a portrait of dad like no other using collage materials! This activity will demonstrate the creative possibilities of collage art and give children a taste of creating representational artwork. And of course, dad's going to get a great portrait!

set-up ideas
Break out all your old scraps of tissue paper, fabric, foil, wrapping paper and more to create unique outfits and accessories for dad.

let's get started

To make this special collage artwork for dad, you'll need to gather the following materials: construction paper, pencils, glue, pom-poms and any other decorating materials desired for your collage artwork.

step 1
Cut out a round circle to use for the face, a rectangle for the neck and a shirt shape out. You may use construction paper, old magazines or any materials.
step 2
Once you have all the desired pieces cut out, glue them to a larger sheet of construction paper. Let the collage sit to dry.
step 3
Now is the time to be creative and decorate Dad's portrait. Use buttons or other materials for the eyes, nose, ears and on the shirt for decoration. Let the materials dry.
step 4
Cut pieces of yarn to give dad hair, eyebrows, a mustache and/or a beard. Glue them on and allow to dry for a complete collage portrait of dad.

Speak with the children about how various materials can be used to represent human features, such as buttons for eyes or yarn for hair. What other unique materials can they think of to represent features like noses, lips, teeth and ears?
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
As with most creative activities, this one works great when the children have a lot of materials at their disposal. Plus, it's a great opportunity to clean out your scrap materials box!
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
What other objects can be represented through collage artwork? Experiment with creating automobiles, houses, shoes and anything else their imaginations can conjure.