an activity for schoolage children:
An innovative and easy-to-make matching game with a spiritual twist!

before you begin:
Gather the materials needed: butcher paper or construction paper, a cookie sheet, foam letters, foam animal shapes and self-adhesive magnets.

activity goals:
To create a matching game with a colorful Noah's Ark theme.

A large sheet of paper may be cut down to fit the cookie sheet, or two sheets of construction paper may be taped or glued together to fit.

let's get started

step 1
Cut a large sheet of paper to the size of a cookie sheet.
step 2
Glue one of each animal and bug foam shape to decorate the paper. Add ark foam shapes and letter shapes to add a title such as, "Noah's Matching Game."
step 3
Attach self-adhesive magnets to the corners of the paper and place the paper magnet-side down onto the cookie sheet.
step 4
Attach a self-adhesive magnet to the back of each animal shape matching the animal shapes on the paper.
step 5
Have the children match the magnetic animal shapes to the ones glued to the ark paper.