an activity for schoolage:
Create marvelous owls with many colors and textures!

before you begin:
To make these feathered friends, you'll need paper plates, glue, tempera sticks (orange, red, gold, yellow and brown), two wiggly eyes, orange foam sheets, yellow construction paper and scissors.

activity goals:
To create a representational craft using different colors and textures.

This activity is a fun way for children to imitate the majestic appearance of owls.

let's get started

step 1
Fold the paper plate at the sides to form wings.
step 2
Draw various designs on the wings and the body of the owl using tempera sticks.
step 3
Glue the wings down to the body, leaving a bottom portion without glue so that they left slightly and give a 3D impression.
step 4
Cut circles from yellow construction paper for the outside of the eyes and line them with a brown tempera stick.
step 5
Glue the eyes onto the yellow circles, then glue the circles to the owl's face.
step 6
Cut the beak and feet from orange foam. Glue the beak under the eyes and glue the feet at the bottom of the body.