an activity for Preschoolers:
A colorful craft for windy days!

before you begin:
You may want to punch two holes on one side of the craft roll ahead of time.

activity goals:
To teach children about weather patterns
To encourage recycling
To promote creativity

This is a great activity to discuss weather patterns, especially wind. Have the children take their windsock outside and see what happens. Encourage the children to keep a tight grip on the ribbon or yarn to keep the windsock from blowing away.

let's get started

step 1
Have the children paint a craft roll then let them thoroughly dry.
step 2
When their roll is dry, have the children decorate the roll with collage materials and markers.
step 3
Tape paper streamers to the inside of the craft roll.
step 4
String yarn or ribbon through the pre-punched holes of the craft roll and hang.