This turkey-rific activity is a delight that children can enjoy again and again! In addition to creating a treat of a Thanksgiving turkey, children will build motor skills and practice creative and critical thinking skills.

set up ideas:
Have a healthy assortment of feathers for the children to use. Try feathers in natural colors along with all colors of the rainbow for a variety of colorful turkeys.

let's get started

For these terrific turkeys, you'll need to gather the following materials: two foam sheets, construction paper, eyes, clothespins, feathers and a glue pen.

step 1
Cut one large circle and one small circle from brown foam sheets. The large circle will be the body and the small circle will be the head.
step 2
Cut an orange beak and a red waddle from construction paper. Glue these onto the turkey's head and glue wiggly eyes to the head.
step 3
Gather seven feathers in different colors and glue each feather to a clothespin.
step 4
Use the clothespins to clip the tail feathers onto the turkey. This can turn into quite a fun Thanksgiving game!

Children may be interested to know Benjamin Franklin, one of our country's founders, once said that the turkey would be a much more respectable bird to represent our country. Some of his reasons were that turkeys are very courageous, and they are true native birds of America.
Tips and Tricks Tips & Tricks
If you don't have real feathers on hand, you may wish to cut construction paper into long feather-like shapes and cut small slits in them to represent feathers.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
The best part about this craft is that you have a fun activity ready at the end! Have children practice pinning tails on the turkeys. For older children, you may up the challenge by using a blindfold.