an activity for preschoolers:
These feathered friends are a real hoot!

before you begin:
To create your pinecone owls, you'll need to gather pinecones, buttons, foam leaves, wiggly eyes and glue. You may choose different sizes and colors for pieces to allow variation in children's owls.

activity goals:
To celebrate the fall with a fun decoration.

This activity encourages creativity, imagination and fine motor skills. These owls make great fall decorations, or whimsical dramatic play characters.

let's get started

step 1
Gather the size of wiggly eyes you want to use, as well as buttons and foam leaves for the eyes.
step 2
Glue the wiggly eyes onto the buttons or foam shapes.
step 3
Clip a small beak out of yellow or orange felt or construction paper.
step 4
Add real feathers to the pinecone for wings.
step 5
Affix the eyes, nose and wings onto the pinecone in the appropriate places and allow to dry.
step 6
Hang the pinecone owl with string as an ornament, display it on a shelf by making a stand out of craft sticks or take it outside to play with it as a doll.