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Excellerations® Cuddle Buddies - Set of All 8

From $216.99

Product Overview

  • SOFT: Soft dolls are super fun and easy to squeeze. Loveable dolls are perfect for cuddling and soothing children's mood. Soft face is easy to kiss and snuggle with.
  • DOLL PLAY: Doll play encourages social emotional learning, self-confidence, language development, communication skills and self-awareness.
  • WASHABLE: Plush dolls are surface wash. Clothing is a machine washable.
  • SIZE: Dolls measure 19 inches in height. 19 inch dolls are the perfect size for children to have as a buddy.
  • CLOTHING: Doll comes with jeans and jersey shirt with soft heart sewn in place. Clothing is removable and washable.