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Simply Stylish Calendar Bulletin Board Set

Item # 707485
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Stay On Schedule And Help Students Remember Important Days With This Calendar Bulletin Board
This Simply Stylish bulletin board makes it easy to keep up with seasons, schedules, and weather. It keeps the whole class on track!*Keeps You Current! It's enjoyable to stay on track when the calendar is so enchanting!*Teach Students To Focus: Learning how to juggle tasks and time is a life lesson. This calendar kit helps kids learn how to manage their day and their week, and keep an eye on the outside world as well.*Many Fun Elements: This isn't just a calendar...it's a fun way to interact with the day's or week's tasks. The cute star and heart accents are so enchanting they keep kids engaged with staying on track.*Watch The Weather: Season and weather overlays keep your calendar synched with nature's clock.*Creates An Environment: The stylish but integrated design of all the calendar pieces, with classic patterns, wood elements, and succulent designs, give you a varied but cohesive look for your learning environment.*Unifies Design: The attractive elements unify your classroom design and make empty spaces visually compelling.*Gives Classroom Eye Appeal: Everyone will enjoy being surrounded by these happy design elements, and you'll look like a creative designer!Create a cool classroom design with this appealing calendar bulletin board and keep your class on track!
1 calendar * Size: 23" by 17" * 12 monthly headers * Size: 17" by 3¾" each * 31 date pieces * 17 special occasion pieces * 1 days-of-the-week chart with 3 overlays * Size: 9¾" by 13" * 1 season and weather chart with 14 overlays * Size: 10" by 8" * 7 stars * Size: 4" by 3" each * 6 hearts * 3" by 4" each * 7 succulents * Size: 3½" square * smallest; 3¾" by 3½" * largest (sizes approximate)


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