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Simply Stylish Tropical Motivational Mini Bulletin Board Set - 22pcs

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Create A Motivating Mood With This Tropical Bulletin Board Set
This bright, upbeat, tropical-themed bulletin board set will set a sunny and encouraging mood in any area of your classroom. Designed for versatility, this set is ideal for creating several small displays or one large display.*22 Display Pieces: Add inspiration, whimsy, and a touch of tropical paradise to your learning space with this bulletin board set that includes flamingos, pineapples, sunglasses, and hearts.*Bright And Inspirational: This display set combines vibrant tropical colors with motivating messages to create a fun, upbeat learning environment.*Made Of Sturdy Cardstock: Printed on thick paper and coated for durability, this display will look great all year long. Reuse it next year, too!*Complements Other Simply Stylish Tropical Dcor Items: Take the guesswork out of decorating your classroom. Combine this display with other pieces in the Simply Stylish line designed by Melanie Ralbusky to give your learning space an appealing, unified look.Set an upbeat, inspirational tone with this sunny display set.
4 flamingo quote posters * Size: ranges from approximately 5" by 7" to 5" by 19" * 3 pineapple quote posters * Size: approximately 71/8" by 5" each * 3 pineapples (2 large * 1 small) * Size: ranges from approximately 33/8" by 6" to 71/8" by 5" * 7 hearts * Size: approximately 5" by 43/8" each * 2 flamingos * Size: approximately 35/8" by 7" and 4" by 9" * 3 sunglasses * Size: approximately 6" by 21/8" each


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