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Flexible Seating Management Kit - poster and magnet set

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Organize Seating Options In Your Classroom With This Innovative Flexible Seating Management Kit
Innovative organization system lets teachers manage up to 10 different flexible seating options for up to 36 students. Comes with posters for classroom seating rules and tracking, a colorful set of magnets for designating the seating plan, plus reproducibles such as a parent letter, student contract, classroom layout grid, and student expectations.*Manage Flexible Seating Groups: Teachers can create a flexible seating organization with this innovative set of posters and magnets.*Give Students Choices: You can assign students their seats or let them choose, and select different groups of students each day for this privilege.*Management Made Easy: Use the posters and magnets to designate seat types and student assignments. You set up the system on a whiteboard at the front of the room, and kids follow your plan to find their seats themselves.*Create 10 Options For 36 Students: This ingenious system lets you organize 10 different flexible seating options for up to 36 students.Organize flexible seating arrangements in your classroom with this ingenious system using posters and magnets.
1 double-sided poster for flexible seating rules (preprinted rules on one side/write your own rules on the other side) * Size: 19" by 24" * 2 mini posters (classroom pledge and seating tracker) * Size: 19" by 12" each * 1 header magnet * Size: 17" by 4" * 10 color-coded magnets with seating arrangements * Size: 5" by 4" each * 25 magnets labeled with seating types * plus 2 blanks * Size: 3" by 4" each * 43 round magnets * numbered 136 plus blanks for student numbers 1" diameter each * 1 zip-top plastic storage bag


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