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What Is The Password? 3-In-1 Poster Set

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Strengthen And Encourage Memorization With This Engaging Password Poster Set!
Each day students have to read whatever is on the poster and whisper it to you. You can make this an exit- or enter-the-room password challenge. Use the daily word to reinforce a learnng topic of the day. Students will enjoy showing off their memory aptitude, and youll get to assess student skill mastery!*Strengthen Memory Skills: This fun poster encourages students to memorize. Kids read whatever is on the poster before entering the classroom.*Use As Enter- Or Exit-Word Challenge: You can turn this into an enter- or leave-the-class exercise by asking students for the password before they come or go!*Reinforce Learning With Write-On/Wipe-Off: The poster is write-on/ wipe-off, so you can choose a different password each day, several times a day, or every few days to reinforce a learning skill or topic the class is working on. The set is interactive, not static, and offers curricular flexibility.*Great Assessment Tool! Kids will have fun showing off their memory aptitude, and you will be assessing their skill levels at the same time!Encourage and strengthen memorization and reinforce learning with this fun password poster set!
1 poster * Write Again wipe-off laminate * Size: 19" by 24" * 3 double-sided mini posters * Write Again wipe-off laminate * Size: 12" by 12" each


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Really Good Stuff®
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