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Really Good Stuff Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides® - Set Of 144

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Really Good Stuff®
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Teachers know it well. You are in the middle of a lesson, really getting somewhere with your students, when all of a sudden...SCREECH. A chair gets pushed back from the desk. Or, it's time for your students to assemble into groups. The symphony of chairs and desks moving across the floor is not only ear-piercing, it also leaves the floor scratched and scuffed. Easily solve this problem with Really Good Stuff Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides.

Durable chair feet gliders fit securely on desks and chairs with swivel feet. The thick felt pad on the bottom helps reduce friction and noise, and the glides are inconspicuous and not distracting like other noise reducing solutions. Really Good Stuff chair covers are 2" W x 2" D x ¾" H. The set of 144 will completely cover all legs of 36 chairs or desks.

Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides are an easy way to solve the noise and floor damage caused by the frequent moving of classroom chairs and desks. Chairs and desks move around easily without noise or scratching the floor.

  • CHAIR LEG PROTECTORS These Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides serve as chair leg floor covers for hardwood floors, providing reliable protection and minimizing noise in the classroom.
    • FURNITURE PADS: Enjoy a quiet learning environment with these foot furniture pads that securely stay in place, eliminating distractions and promoting better focus.
      • QUIET CHAIR STAY-PUT FOOT COVERS: Keep your classroom floors clean and scratch-free with these foot furniture pads, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere during lessons.
        • VERSATILE FLOOR PROTECTION: Designed for classroom use, these chair leg floor protectors are suitable for various chair styles, offering versatile floor protection in any classroom setting.
          • DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: Made with high-quality materials, these foot furniture pads are built to withstand the demands of the classroom, providing long-lasting floor protection.


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Really Good Stuff®
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