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EZ Stick™ Movement Match Decals

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Ages 5+ / Grades K+
EZ Stick™ Movement Match Decals – Sensory Path – Physical Activities and Games for Children
  • WHAT YOU GET: This set of decals comes on 4 sheets that have 39 easy to put down and remove decals that you stick to the floor to create a movement game.
  • INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED: One of the decals in this set is the instructions for setting up and playing the game. The instructions include a graphic so that you can visualize how to lay it out.
  • PLAY FOR 2 TO 4 PLAYERS: One player is the leader and the other one to three players are tasked with following the movements of the leader. Player take turns as the leader as they have the other players match their movements with their arms, feet, and bodies while staying in their own play area.
  • NON-CONTACT PLAY: This game is not competitive and does not require physical contact. The idea behind this game is to encourage coordination and following directions.
  • GET SOME PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN: This game encourages physical activity and is especially easy for almost any player. It does not require a lot of physicality, but will build strength and coordination.

  • This EZ Stick™ Movement Match Decals product is a great way for children to get some movement, leadership, and coordination skills into their day. The 39 decals are easy to apply and easy to remove with no residue left behind and include instructions. Children take turns being the leader while the other players match the leaders’ movements. This simple, but effective game not only gets children moving, but also helps them in many other areas such as leadership, confidence, coordination, cooperation, and more!
  • Size: 17.5'' x 22'' each


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Really Good Stuff®
Age / Grade
Ages 5+ / Grades K+
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