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EZ Stick™ V.I.P. Labels - 8 labels

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Create A V.I.P. Space In Your Classroom With These EZ Stick™ Labels!
These labels are a great way to create a special V.I.P. space and single out students for appreciation. Designate a V.I.P. area, table, supplies, and treats with these removable labels.*Make A V.I.P. Area: Put the largest label on the area you’ve chosen as the V.I.P. space in your classroom. It says, “V.I.P. Area."*Label The Table: The next largest label says “V.I.P. Table," so there will be no mistaking that you’ve set aside a special table for the use of the V.I.P.s.*Labels Set The Stage: The other labels state, “Reserved for V.I.P.," “V.I.P. Treats," and “V.I.P. Supplies," so you can use them to create a flexible classroom arrangement honoring your V.I.P. students and highlighting activity areas.*Part Of A V.I.P. Platform: The labels are just one V.I.P. item among many you can choose from to make your classroom a V.I.P. destination!*Easy To Reposition And Reuse: You can use these labels again and again. They stick tight, but are easy to remove, leaving no sticky residue behind.Use these labels to designate areas of your classroom for the V.I.P.s!
8 labels * various sizes * Size of largest: 111/8" by 73/8"


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Really Good Stuff®
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