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Morning Meeting Chips - 40 chips

Item # 164470
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Get the conversation going in your classroom or at home home, while learning about yourself and others. Stimulate some fun and community-building morning discussions with our Morning Meeting Chips, full of ideas to get children talking. These cleverly designed Morning Meeting Chips discussion starters are effective early-day icebreakers, with questions for your children or classroom students that warm up their vocal cords and facilitate communication.

  • Lots of Discussions: Our Morning Meeting Chips come in a pack of 40 chips, each with a unique conversation-starter.
  • Sturdy and Colorful: These 2¼” diameter chips are made from sturdy cardboard and have a bright, colorful design on one side.
  • Well-Written: Morning Meeting Chips have simple-to-answer, kid-friendly questions that easily stimulate discussions.
  • Foster Community: When used in group situations, these conversation starters allow children to get to know each other and develop a feeling of community.
  • Encourage Shy Children: When you use Morning Meeting Chips, all children get to participate and talk. No one gets left out, and no one person dominates the conversation.
  • Age Versatile: The conversation prompts are general enough to use for grades 1 – 6.

  • 40 unique chipboard chips
    • 2¼" diameter each
      • 1 zip-top storage bag


Brand Name
Really Good Stuff®
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