an activity for school-age:
Combine shapes to create a majestic shark!

before you begin:
Gather construction paper, glue sticks and jumbo wiggly eyes to create your sharks. For younger children, teachers may want to complete step 1 themselves by cutting shapes out in advance.

activity goals:
To celebrate this great and mysterious sea creature.

If children are able, they may cut their own shapes. For younger children, you may wish to supply stencils, or cut shapes out in advance.

let's get started

step 1
Cut out a variety of geographic shapes from construction paper to make the shark design. Pieces may include a large oval for the shark, triangles for the teeth, a half circle for the mouth and waves.
step 2
Assemble the pieces together to create a shark figure.
step 3
Glue on wiggly eyes and allow the shark to dry.