The snake from the Garden of Eden is one of the most infamous characters in the Bible. In this activity, your VBS class will work together to link paper chains and create your own silly snakes straight from the jungle.

set up ideas:
For younger children, you may wish to precut construction paper into strips. Allow children who are able to cut their own construction paper strips.

let's get started

To create this slithery snake straight from the Garden of Eden, you'll need to gather the following materials: 9" x 12" sheets of construction paper, scissors, wiggly eyes and either glue or tape to adhere the strips together.

step 1
Cut a few sheets of construction paper into small strips. For very young students, you may hand out precut strips of construction paper.
step 2
Take one of the paper strips created and form it into a circle. Affix the circle together with either glue or tape.
step 3
Take another paper strip, insert it inside the circle just made and close it to form a circle linked inside the first. Affix together with glue or tape.
step 4
Repeat step 3 again and again until you've created a snake is as long as you'd like it to be.
step 5
Use construction paper or collage pieces to create snake face. Add eyes and tongue by gluing or taping them to your snake.

Who was the serpent in the story of Adam and Eve? What did he say to them? Did they listen to the serpent? What did God do?
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Use our Colorations green masking tape to attach your circles together.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Split your class into groups. See who can make the longest paper chain silly snake in 5 minutes. Don't forget to add the face!