Looking for a low-maintenance pet? Try a spooky or kooky rock monster! These Halloween creations are fun dramatic play companions and a great chance for children to express their creativity.

set up ideas:
While light green is an easy color to draw over, and reminiscent of classic depictions of Frankenstein's monster, you may wish to provide additional light colors to use.

let's get started

For this activity, the main ingredient that you'll need is a rock! Rocks can be jagged and dirty, so we recommend using craft rocks that are sized right and safe for children. You'll also need fluorescent green BioColor® paint, markers and any other collage materials desired.

step 1
Choose a rock from those available and paint it a ghoulish green color. Set aside to dry.
step 2
While the rocks dry, you may wish to sketch how you'd like your face to look. This gives you a moment to practice and plan ahead.
step 3
Once the rocks are dry, use markers to create faces for your little rock monsters. Black and white markers will help the features to really stand out.
step 4
Continue using markers to add additional details, such as freckles, hair, stitches, teeth and more. Decorate until you are satisfied with your rock monster pet.

Children will likely come up with all sorts of unique rock monsters. Ask them what the names of their creatures are and learn about their stories. This is a great opportunity for children to practice creative storytelling with one another.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
The light green color makes these monsters very easy to draw on and see the results. If you choose to use darker colors, you may need to use paint instead of markers to create facial features.
Follow Up ActivityFollow up Activity
Fill a large tray with small pebbles and then add your ghoulish monster rocks to create a Halloween-themed rock garden.