an activity for school-age preschoolers:
Create a translucent snowflake to decorate windows or as a Christmas tree ornament children can give as a gift.

before you begin:
Collect white glue, wax paper, opal glitter and either pipe cleaners or string for hanging. The snowflakes will need to sit overnight, so prepare a special location for them beforehand.

activity goals:
Easy-to-make translucent snowflakes perfect for decorating windows or Christmas trees! Create a dazzling holiday decoration while building fine motor skills.

If students are able, allow them to draw their own snowflake shapes; otherwise, you may pre-trace a design on the wax paper or place a stencil under the wax paper to be traced.

let's get started

step 1
Place the wax paper on a table. You may use a pre-traced design or let the children create their own snowflake shapes.
step 2
Help children trace over their drawn lines with a thick layer of white glue. Leave space inside of the traced figure so that you can loop string or pipe cleaner through when dry.
step 3
Sprinkle plenty of opal glitter over the wet glue and let the snowflakes set overnight.
step 4
The next day, lift the dried snowflakes from the wax paper and loop string or pipe cleaner through them to decorate on a Christmas tree or hang by the window.