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Journaling Corner
journaling corner
Create a special area within the classroom where young learners can engage in the wonderful practice of journaling. Journaling not only fosters creativity but also helps children develop fine motor skills and boosts their confidence by sharing their thoughts and feelings. It's a valuable tool in promoting early literacy and encouraging self-awareness in these budding writers of the future.

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Excellerations® Translucent Builders & Manipulatives
Excellerations® translucent builders & manipulatives
These clear, colorful, and versatile building materials allow children to explore light, shapes, and spatial concepts in a captivating way.

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Mega Magna-Tiles® Bundle - Curriculum STEM
mega magna-tiles® bundle
Designed to make early education an exciting adventure. A delightful way to light up the path of discovery and make learning an enjoyable experience for little ones

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Sensory Shoppable
TTS light up learning bundle
Colorful and interactive light-based tools. Young children can explore their senses, stimulate their curiosity, and enhance their cognitive development.

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TTS Translucent Play Bundle
TTS translucent play bundle
A captivating educational resource that encourages young learners to explore the world of color and light in a hands-on and imaginative way.

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Mindful Corner Furniture Bundle
mindful corner furniture bundle
This bundle fosters emotional well-being and mindfulness in the classroom by offering a dedicated area for relaxation, self-reflection, and quiet activities.

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Shimmer and Shine Sensory
shimmer and shine sensory
Long, tactile, sequin boards which encourage children to use fine and gross motor skills as they sweep along the surface.

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Young Readers Corner Furniture Bundle
young readers corner
Crafted from high-quality materials, this Young Readers Paradise Furniture Bundle is built to withstand the daily wear and tear of a busy classroom or library.

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Calming Corner
calming corner
Create a Calming Corner in your classroom where students can calm down and refocus.

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Sensory Experience
sensory experience
Create a Sensory Experience for students with sensory solutions

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Tranquil Space
tranquil space
Create a Tranquil Place in your classroom where students can relax, refocus and recharge in a natural and peaceful environment.

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Mindfulness Zone
mindfulness zone
Create a Mindfulness Zone for students to relax, refocus and recharge in a calming and peaceful environment.

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Social-Emotional Learning Classroom Spaces

Social-Emotional Spaces for Classrooms

Children can get a head start on learning skills that will help them throughout their lives with the social-emotional learning products in the Shoppable Spaces from Discount School Supply. These customizable bundles are curated around specific goals and principles: calming, mindfulness, sensory experiences and tranquility. Explore each of the sets below to discover the many ways you can help young children grow and adjust each bundle to meet your exact needs. Our Shoppable Spaces make it easy to cultivate social-emotional awareness in any learning environment.

Take It Easy in the Calming Corner

As modern society becomes more diverse and education expands from the classroom into remote and homeschool environments, the need for social-emotional learning has increased. More and more research indicates that SEL increases academic performance and improves social behavior in or outside of the classroom. They are Life Long Skills and Skills for Lasting Success!

What are examples of social and emotional development activities?

The Calming Corner provides a space within your classroom for students to relax and refocus. The Creative Canopy and set of six pillows creates a soothing spot for children to take a break. This spot is also ideal for quiet time: students can engage with one of the Social-Emotional Learning Coloring and Activity Books included in this bundle or read the Calm-Down Time Board Book. For students who feel overwhelmed or stressed, the Calm-Down Toys can offer them a way to learn how to self-calm during these moments.

Inside the Mindfulness Zone

Students can learn techniques for nurturing their mental health in the Mindfulness Zone. This bundle includes tools like the Let's Take a Mindful Minute Poster, which encourages children to be present in the moment so they do not become overwhelmed by their surroundings. The Guided Meditation for Kids Flip Chart teaches students how to be in tune with their emotions, which can help them manage feelings of anxiety and stress. For active kids, the Children’s Yoga Mat, which is printed with images of different poses, provides an outlet for stress and excess energy so they can stay focused.

Exploring Sensory Experience

Students can develop their fine-motor skills and experiment with technology with the Sensory Experience bundle. Young students can begin to learn the principles of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) through developmentally appropriate toys, like the Light-Up Tactile Glow Spheres. The Dark Den provides the ideal environment for engaging with Light-Up Construction Bricks, providing an area that really allows these toys to shine. With the Sensory Experience bundle, students can unleash their imaginations and foster a lifelong love for STEM.

Going to a Tranquil Place

The Tranquil Place bundle offers a nature-inspired space for children to recharge. The Hideaway Log Chair is a cozy spot that’s perfect for reading or playing with Threading Pebbles. Young students can hone their fine-motor skills by building with Baby Tree Blocks and educators can bring nature into the classroom with the Outdoor Sorting Trays. When it’s quiet time, children can unwind and rest on the colorful Cozy Woodland Floor Pillows. This versatile space provides an excellent balance between relaxation and exploration.

A Lifetime of Social-Emotional Learning

Discount School Supply is your go-to source for social-emotional learning products. From nurturing decision-making skills to fostering mental health, we’ve got kid-approved solutions for all learning environments.