an activity for preschoolers:
Create fashionable fireworks headbands with one simple craft item!

before you begin:
For these fun headbands, all you need is a collection of pipe cleaners! Use plain or sparkly pipe cleaners in red, white, blue, silver and gold. Expect to use approximately 9-10 pipe cleaners per headband.

activity goals:
To create a shimmering wearable headband to celebrate Independence Day.

Sparkling pipe cleaners are great for headbands that really pop! This activity is great for letting children experiment with sparkly pipe cleaners, as well as other unique pipe cleaner styles.

let's get started

step 1
Make the headband by twisting 1 or 2 pipe cleaners together to make a circle.
step 2
Make fireworks pieces by twisting 2 pipe cleaners together in an X shape and wrapping the bottom of each around the headband.
step 3
To further support the fireworks, connect them with a pipe cleaner between the headband and each fireworks piece.