an activity for preschoolers:
A delightful craft to make and wear!

before you begin:
Gather materials needed: white paper top hats, glue and all green and gold decorating materials, including paint, markers, glitter glue and collage materials.

activity goals:
To inspire open-ended creativity and self-expression by decorating a St. Patrick's Day celebration hat!

These hats are a wonderful blank canvas for children to decorate and wear with pride.

let's get started

step 1
Color the white paper top hats with green and/or gold markers, paint, crayons or tempera sticks.
step 2
Once the hats are done drying, use glue or glue dots to continue adding collage materials, glitter and any other decorative embellishments.
step 3
Have fun wearing your colorful hats, or put them on display for all to admire!