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English & Spanish Math PreK Books - 15 Titles

Item # BNMD
Frog Street Press
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
  • FIVE HUGE DINOSAURS/CINCO ENORMES DINOSAURIOS: Practice counting the five dinosaurs on each page as the huge creatures wade in a lake, play pat-a-cake, sing a song, and play so long. The dinosaur antics will make children want to read this one again and again! (24 pages)
  • CAN YOU SEE THE SHAPES?/¿Ves las figuras?:Cindy Circle goes around and around. From high in the sky to the ground." Meet all of the Frog Street shape friends--Trixie Triangle, Suzy Square, Rudy Rectangle, Oscar Octagon, Renee Rhombus, Lloyd Trapezoid, and Olive Oval. (24 pages)
  • HANDS & FINGERS/MANOS Y DEDOS: Dance your fingers through the air, on your knees, and in your hair." The catchy, rhyming text complements the adorable photos of children using their hands and fingers to get the wiggles out before placing them in their lap. Reinforces position words. (16 pages)
  • THREE BEARS' RAP/EL RAP DE LOS TRES OSOS: A rhythmic innovation of the traditional tale, this story reinforces the math concepts of small, medium and large with a fun "baa-baa ba-rebear" chant. Pages at the end invite children to match bears with sizes of bowls, beds, chairs, and instruments. (32 pages)
  • THESE BONES/ESTOS HUESOS: With a tap-tap rhythm, the children in this story dig dinosaur bones and connect them (foot bone connected to the leg bone . . .) to dance all around. An excellent math resource that reinforces sequencing and patterns. (28 pages)
  • FIVE SILLY MONKEYS/CINCO MONOS TONTOS: The five little monkeys swinging from a tree becomes four, three, two, and one as each monkey falls one after the other. When the last little monkey fell, well, that's the end of this tale! A great way to practice math counting skills. (40 pages)
  • THE NUMERAL DANCE/EL BAILE DE LOS NÚMEROS: Counting to 9 has never been more fun! The teacher in this story gives each child a numeral necklace and invites each child to create a signature move. "Can you shimmy numeral nine? You are lookin' mighty fine." The words can be sung to the tune "Do Your Ears Hang Low?"(24 pages)
  • BUILDING MATH SKILLS & CONCEPTS: This resource includes a hierarchy of math skills and concepts that will help you become more aware of the skill development sequence of young learners. Activities, materials lists, step-by-step instructions, and vocabulary are included for teaching and reinforcing attributes, sorting and classifying, position words, and patterning. (96 pages)


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Frog Street Press
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
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Frog Street Press