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Science PreK Spanish Books - 16 Titles

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Frog Street Press
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
  • LOS SENTIDOS: Can you name your five senses? Children will learn how each sense helps us discover more about our world. The nonfiction format includes a glossary and index.
  • GIGANTES DE LA NATURALEZA: Children will take a beautiful photographic journey down the Nile, across giant icebergs, and over tumbling waterfalls as they discover some of nature's most magnificent giants. Fun facts are included for each of these amazing natural wonders- a great way to build vocabulary!
  • GORRITA ROJA: In this clever retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red uses each of her five senses to make good decisions that keep her safe. And the happy ending includes the Wolf being hauled off to Animal Obedience School!
  • MÁQUINAS GRANDES Y PEQUEÑAS: In this nonfiction book, bulldozers, graders, rollers, and front loaders work to make a new road where an old road used to be. A fun look at how machines help us.
  • LA MÁQUINA DE NO HACER NADA: In this rhyming story, John spends long hours using his creative imagination to build a machine out of wood, nails, and string. What does the machine do? "It was not important what it could do. The fun was in building, not getting through."
  • LOS MÚSCULOS: This nonfiction, science resource explains what our muscles help us do and how we can keep our muscles strong through nutrition and exercise.

  • FUERZAS MISTERIOSAS: Using the Japanese poetic form of haiku, this book describes some of nature's mysterious movers, such as the wind, ocean tides, and the moon.
  • ANIMALES DE LA GRANJA: This nonfiction, science resource highlights beautiful photographs of farm animals. It explains how farmers use the animals they raise including cows, horses, hogs, sheep, goats, and poultry.
  • BIENVENIDOS AL ZOOLÓGICO DE ZIPPITY: Lazy lions and tigers rest in the shade or head for the water to drink or to wade." This nonfiction, science resource highlights 33 amazing animals through rhyming verse. Also includes fun facts about each animal in the zoo glossary.
  • UNA OPORTUNIDAD PARA ESPERANZA: A touching story about the rescue efforts to help sea turtles safely lay their eggs in the sand so they can hatch and the babies can return to the sea. Esperanza, Spanish for hope, is the name of one little turtle who must work very hard to complete her journey.
  • LAS VIDAS DE LOS ANIMALES: A great pictorial journey through the stages of life showing how animals change and grow from the beginning to the end of their lives.
  • LOS INSECTOS DEL JARDIN DE EDIE: Edie wants to be an entomologist and she is off to a great start! Edie guides you through her backyard (the best place to find bugs) to give you fun facts about paper wasps, wolf spiders, devil scorpions and much more. A fun way to study science!
  • JUGANDO AL ESCONDITE CON LOS ANIMALES: Children will have fun trying to find the critters disguised in the photos of this science-focused book. Critters playing this hide-and-seek game include lizards, zebras, seals, alligators and many more.


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Frog Street Press
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Ages 4+ / Grades PreK+
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