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Baby Dream - English & Arabic Barefoot Books, Books4School Edition (reduced format)

Barefoot Books
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Ages Birth & Up / Infant
Just right for bedtime or nap time, Baby Dream features a calming refrain and plentiful prompts to soothe babies and toddlers to sleep and strengthen the caregiver-child bond. High-contrast photographs of infants are featured in physician-approved sleeping positions.

Each book is visually captivating and filled with joyful images of infants engaged in activities that support optimal development, especially in the domains of language and social-emotional development. A real strength is how the books illustrate the critical role of nurturing adults and their crucial role of interacting and engaging with infants in ways that involve developmentally enriching activities. These are just the type of book that we should be getting into the hands of all parents / caretakers, especially those from backgrounds where there are language and/or literacy challenges.

Features of Baby Books:

  • BEDTIME BOOK: Simple rhyming text, a calming refrain that emphasizes togetherness. Photographs of yawning babies are sure to soothe very small children.
  • ADHERES TO SAFE SLEEP GUIDELINES: All children in are shown sleeping in positions recommended by physicians, with sleepwear, bedding and furniture that have been approved for infants and toddlers.
  • BABY-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The black-and-white photographic illustrations appeal to babies' love for gazing at faces, while the bold patterning throughout encourages calm and focus.
  • FAMILY DIVERSITY: The illustrations feature photographs of a wide variety of babies and family situations, offering an inclusive representation of caregivers and siblings lovingly interacting with baby.
  • VERSATILE AGE RANGE: With photographic images and a seek-and-find element on each patterned page, the books will delight newborns, toddlers and even school-aged children.
  • THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF KINDNESS: Prompts the type of interaction that reinforces a secure caregiver-child bond, laying the foundation for self-confidence and empathy.
  • Barefoot Books, Books4School Edition (reduced format)


Brand Name
Barefoot Books
Age / Grade
Ages Birth & Up / Infant
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