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Essential Spanish Word Sorts™ Book and Demonstration Cards Set

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Finally, bilingual educators have a comprehensive resource for sorting words in the Spanish language. The sorts help students recognize smaller parts of words that recur, improving their spelling and reading fluency. The book's picture concept sorts develop oral language and critical thinking skills. They can practice sorting concepts such as shapes, seasons, indoors/outdoors, etc.; beginning consonant sounds; common Spanish open syllables (ma-, me-, mo-, etc.) and rhyming endings; consonant blends and vowel diphthongs; contrasts (silent h,etc.); and confused sounds (soft and hard c, g, etc.). Engaging games and activities that reinforce these patterns are included. Book contains:79 picture and word sorts for class work and homework; forms to help you with management; answer keys for all sorts; a parent/guardian letter in English and Spanish; student sorting instruction cards with picture cues; games and activities that practice spelling and concepts in a fun way. The included Really Good Stuff® Activity Guide suggests effective ways to sort the categories in each set and reinforce the learning through games and center activities.
Softcover * Size: 8" x 11" * 120 pages


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Really Good Stuff®
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