an activity for schoolage children:
Sukkah Decorations

before you begin:
Gather materials: paper lanterns, tape, markers, and other decorating materials

activity goals:
To create a hanging decoration to celebrate Sukkah

let's get started

step 1
Decorate parts of paper lantern before assembling using markers, and crayons
step 2
When finished, separate the perforations in the lantern body
step 3
Using tape, secure the cylinder
step 4
Attach the handle to the cylinder using the tabs
step 5
Now, tape one end of the perforated lantern body to the top of the cylinder and the other end to the bottom.
step 6
Next, affix the other ends of the lantern body to the cylinder using tape also so that the perforated strips of the lantern body bow outward.
step 7
Add additional adornments and enjoy!