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Magnetic Tile

Excellerations® Magnetic Hinged Tiles with Wheeled Platforms STEM Construction Set for Kids, 66 Pieces
▾ More Details ▾ Fun building set includes wheels, numbers and magnetic frames for hours of building. MAGNETIC STEM CONSTRUCTION SET ENCOURAGES IMAGINATION AND CRITICAL THINKING. Build up? Build out? Make it move? Kids will love planning and designing original structures. Great for cooperative teamwork or individual exploration. Magnetic STEM Construction Set provides plenty of pieces for kids to plan, design, and build imaginative structures with doors or windows that can open, or vehicles that can move on ...
Magnetic Prefix, Base Word, and Suffix Tile Kit
▾ More Details ▾ Your students can create more than 500 affixed words with color-coded magnetic base words, prefixes, and suffixes! The Magnetic Prefix, Base Word, and Suffix Tile Kit features 26 yellow Base Word tiles,13 green Prefix tiles, and 16 Red Suffix tiles plus 26 laminated Task Cards with a matching Answer Key on the back. On each Task Card, students are challenged with the question How Many Words Can You Make? and are provided with a Base ...
Magnetic Syllable Tile Kit - Spanish - 102 tiles, 1 storage box
▾ More Details ▾ Read Open Syllables And Build Simple Words The perfect demonstration kit for syllable identification and early word-building. Includes the open syllables emergent readers need to master. 102 syllable tiles * Size: 2¼" by 1½" each * Storage box with 24 compartments * 23 stickers * Really Good Instructional Guide
Magnetic Chunks (Consonants, Blends, Digraphs, And Ending Phonograms) - 89 tiles
▾ More Details ▾ Make And Break Words Easily With Color-Coded Magnetic Tiles These magnetic tiles are perfect for students ready for blends and digraphs. Color-coding provides extra support for early word building. With two of each phonogram, students can manipulate similar word parts and see relationships between words. 89 unique magnetic vinyl tiles * Size: 1½"H each * 19 yellow beginning consonants (1"W each) * 24 blue blends and digraphs (1"W each) * 46 orange short and long ...
Really Good Stuff® Magnetic Alphabet Letter Tiles with Red Vowels
▾ More Details ▾ Our set of flat vinyl magnetic letter tiles include 129 tiles. There are plenty of highly occurring letters needed to make a variety of words. Uppercase letters are included for spelling names and capitalizing proper nouns. WHAT'S INCLUDED: 129 magnetic letter tiles 1"W x 1 1/2" H; 68 blue lowercase consonants, 25 red lowercase vowels, 5 blue lowercase vowels, 26 blue uppercase letters; 5 red uppercase vowels, 1 Really Good Stuff Activity Guide. LETTER RECOGNITION: ...
Really Good Stuff® EZread™ Color-Coded Foam Magnetic Letter Tiles & MAGtivity Tins Kit - 6 Student Set
▾ More Details ▾ Practice letter Identification And Word-Building With Easy-To-Manage Materials For Small Group Instruction Students will love using these chunky magnetic letter tiles for word building, letter sorting, and more on the handy tin trays with built in handles. The quiet foam tiles feature red vowels and blue consonants, as well as serif a and g. Store them all in the sturdy plastic case with a tightfitting lid that keeps all the letters in their own compartments. ...
Magnetic Dry Erase Boards and Foam Letter Tiles - 6 Student Pack
▾ More Details ▾ Provide Essential Word-Building Tools For Your Small Groups With Double-Sided, Magnetic Whiteboards And Letter Tiles Students love practicing their phonics skills with our new, improved magnetic dry erase boards with a more attractive backing. The boards have primary lines on one side and are blank on the other. Durable, they're small enough to fit in students' laps, yet big enough for forming words with our chunky, magnetic lowercase foam letter tiles. And putting back all ...
EZread™ Magnetic Foam Lowercase Letter Tiles
▾ More Details ▾ 52 chunky, easy-to-hold, foam magnetic lowercase letter tiles are great for word building, literacy centers, phonics, and word recognition.

  • 52 letter tiles
  • Size: 1 3/8" by 1 3/8" each

EZread Soft Touch™ Magnetic Foam Letter Tiles
▾ More Details ▾ These quiet, chunky lowercase letter tiles are perfect for tackling a variety of phonics skills: letter identification, word building, sound matching, and more. Red vowels, blue consonants, and serif a and g. Specifications: 80 lowercase letter tiles Size: 1 3/8 " by 1 3/8 " each