an activity for schoolage children:

before you begin:
GATHER MATERIALS: 12" x 18" construction paper, yarn, yarn needle, decorating materials

Economical and easy solution to collecting Valentine's cards.

let's get started

step 1
Fold two pieces of 12" x 18" construction paper together in half
step 2
Cut a large wide heart out starting at the center fold
step 3
Punch holes in 2-3" intervals along the edge of both hearts (pieces of paper still together)
step 4
Cut a 48" long piece of yarn and tie to the top edge of one of the hearts where the hole punch is
step 5
Begin "sewing" the two pieces of paper together with the yarn, going through each hole
step 6
When at the other side of the heart, tie the end in a knot
step 7
The heart is now ready for decorating!
step 8
The finished heart can be hung or taped to desks ready to receive Valentine's!