an activity for school-age:
Create colorful bouquets that won't wither or fade!

before you begin:
To create these lovely bouquets, you'll need the following materials: Texas snowflakes, pipe cleaners, Liquid Watercolor™, sprayers and droppers.

activity goals:
Create a unique, long-lasting bouquet for Mother's Day.

For a multi-day project, children can decorate their own pots or vases on one day, and then create the flowers on the second day.

let's get started

step 1
Apply Liquid Watercolor™ to Texas snowflakes using droppers or sprayers and watch as the color spreads.
step 2
Mix several colors to create a completely unique, one-of-a kind flower.
step 3
Allow the Texas snowflake to dry completely.
step 4
Once dry, gather the circle in the center of each Texas snowflake and use a pipe cleaner to hold the flower together, leaving a stem.
step 5
You may put the flowers in a vase or flowerpot, or use another pipe cleaner to wrap around all the stems, holding the entire bouquet together.