an activity for preschoolers:
Reveal special messages and unique designs with this engaging watercolor technique.

before you begin:
Although this craft activity is a pre-made shape, encourage children to use as much creativity as possible when decorating their frames.

activity goals:
To observe the reaction between crayons and watercolors. To explore resist art as a watercolor technique. To create a colorful Valentine’s Day artwork.

Although this activity can be done with regular art paper, the watercolor hearts provide a special quality to the crayon and watercolor resist.

let's get started

step 1
Have children use a white crayon to draw or write a message on Liquid Watercolor™ hearts.
step 2
Brush over the design or message with watercolor. If using watercolor sprayers, have the children spray over their hearts with different colors.
step 3
Children can watch the design or message magically appear!
step 4
Allow the hearts to dry.
step 5
Once dry, you may also have children use these hearts as a card decoration or a decoration for a box or bag.