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Colorations® Clear Stretchy Beading Cord, 100 Yards

From $21.49

Product Overview

Thicker, stretchier and firmer than fishing line, this unique plastic stretchy cord is perfect for seed beads or any jewelry craft. 1 mm thick (approximately 1/32"), 100 yards per spool. Guaranteed to fit every bead in our catalog! Ideal for holiday and summer crafting.

  • IDEAL FOR BEADING: The thick, easy to use cord is perfect for beading as it fits most beads. It is easy to handle and tie.
  • GREAT FOR PROJECTS: This elastic cord has a variety of uses; hanging, tying, crafting, and more.
  • BETTER THAN FISHING LINE: This cord is thicker than most fishing line, and it is much easier to handle. Perfect for kids to use, and safer.
  • THICK AND EASY TO USE: The thickness of the elastic cord is perfect for tying knots and beading, along with other craft projects.
  • YARDS OF FUN: This spool contains 200 yards of elastic cord so you will have plenty for all of your projects.100 yards are white, and 100 yards are black, on two separate spools.