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Carpet Mark-Its Shapes

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Children will love playing shape games with these Velcro-backed carpet squares that display the names and pictures of 14 different shapes. The set includes 26 squares in six bright colors. Line them up for color-coded floor seating that doubles as shape-recognition practice!

  • PRACTICE SHAPES: So much more active than flash cards, carpet squares can be used in lots of shape games.
  • WORDS AND PICTURES: Each carpet square shows a simple drawing of the shape as well as the shape name so students can develop word recognition, too. 26 Squares, 14 Shapes, and 6 Colors Provide color-coded floor seating for up to 26 students while allowing them to review 14 different shapes ranging from circles, ovals, and triangles to trapezoids, octagons, and more!
  • COLOR-CODING: The squares come in our six grouping colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. They'll brighten your classroom while serving as color-coded floor seating for story time, morning meeting, and other floor activities.
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO VACUUM: The rough surface on the back clings to most classroom carpets. You can easily pick the spots up to move them, and you can vacuum right over them. Outfit your classroom with bright carpet squares that are perfect for color-coded floor seating and a variety of active shape games, too!

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Really Good Stuff®
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