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Shine On 5'4" x 7'8" area rug

Item # JC2117C
Joy Carpets
From $299.99


Introducing the Shine On rug by Joy Carpets, a perfect blend of style and functionality for your home or office. Crafted with vibrant colors and a unique geometric design, this rug adds a modern touch to any space. Made from premium nylon fibers, it offers a soft and comfortable surface underfoot, ideal for relaxation or playtime. With its stain-resistant technology, cleaning becomes a breeze, ensuring its pristine appearance for years to come. Available in various sizes, the Shine On rug caters to your specific needs, whether you require a small accent rug or a large area rug.

  • VIBRANT AND DURABLE: The Shine On rug from Joy Carpets is designed with vibrant colors and built to last, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality in any space.
  • UNIQUE GEOMETRIC DESIGN: With its eye-catching geometric pattern, the Shine On rug adds a touch of modern style and visual interest to your home or office decor.
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: Crafted from premium nylon fibers, this rug offers a soft and comfortable surface underfoot, making it perfect for lounging or playing.
  • STAIN-RESISTANT AND EASY TO CLEAN: The Shine On rug is treated with stain-resistant technology, making it easy to clean and maintain its pristine appearance.
  • VARIOUS SIZES AVAILABLE: Whether you need a small accent rug or a large area rug, the Shine On collection offers a range of sizes to fit your specific needs and space.
  • DIMENSIONS: 5'4"L x 7'8"W