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Simply Stylish Tropical Life Is Sweet Bulletin Board Set - 25pcs

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Teach Children To Enjoy Life With This Tropically Themed Bulletin Board Set
Create an inspirational learning space with this Life Is Sweet bulletin board set that combines classic black-and-white stripes and polka dots with bright pops of color. Add visual interest to any area of your classroom with this gorgeous set of pineapples, flamingos, flowers, tassels, poms, and palm trees. Your kids will bask in the glow!*Set Glows With Color: Children naturally respond to beauty, and this gorgeous, tropically themed bulletin board set will set a light and happy tone in your classroom.*25 Pieces Make It Paradise: The 25-piece beautifully designed set with a tropical flair sports a variety of design elements: poms, tassels, palm trees, pineapples, flamingos, and flowers.*Tell Them Life Is Sweet: Teach kids that life is sweet with this uplifting and cheerful tropical paradise bulletin board set. Its not all work...we get to enjoy life, too!*Cooordinates With Other Simply Stylish Items: Pair this bulletin board set with other tools and dcor from the Simply Stylish line to create a stimulating learning environment with a unified look.Create a beautiful tropical-themed bulletin board and teach your students life is for them to enjoy.
(All sizes approximate.) * 1 large pineapple) * Size: 8" by 19" * 2 trees * Size: largest * 16" by 16" * smallest * 161/8 " by 163/8" * 2 flamingos * Size: largest * 6" by 13" * smallest * 5" by 12" * 2 flower clusters * Size: largest * 11" by 11" * smallest * 9" by 115/8" * 4 poms * Size: 5" by 5" each * 5 tassels * Size: 6" by 3" each * 9 small pineapples * Size: 3" by 6" each

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