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Goal Thermometer Pocket Chart Cards And Clothespins Kit - 1 pocket chart, 14 cards, 36 clothespins

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Measure Classroom Behavior Using This Clever Goal Thermometer Pocket Chart System
Use this colorful and inventive pocket chart system to manage classroom behavior. Its a great way to convey how the class is doing, behavior- wise, without words! Slip the cards into the pocket chart to create a thermometer, and use the colorful clothespins with student names or numbers written on them to mark how class behavior is measuring up!*A Visual Record: Place these vibrantly designed goal thermometer pocket chart cards in the pocket chart to convey visually how class behavior is doing. Write students names or numbers on the clothespins and use them to track progress. Let kids know how theyre measuring up, without saying a word!*Double-Sided And Customizable: These well-designed cards are double-sided, with number increments to 100 on one side and blank lines on the other for flexibility.*Make Behavior A Goal: Everyone learns better in a well-regulated environment, and this chart lets kids know their behavior is measurable and important. Turn class behavior into a shared goal.*Laminated And Dry Erase: The pocket chart and clothespins are sturdy and the pocket chart cards are laminated and write-on/wipe-off, so they will last and are reusable. A system thats eco-friendly as well as classroom-friendly!*Clothespins Make It Fun: The rainbow-colored clothespins make tracking classroom behavior a fun task...plus you can find many other classroom uses for these practical and pretty clothespins!Make classroom behavior a shared responsibility with this long pocket chart, vibrant goal-tracking cards, and clothespins.
1 pocket chart * Size: 14" by 44" * Color: black * 3 double-sided header and footer cards * Write Again wipe-off laminate * Size: 13" by 2" each * 10 double-sided cards * Write Again wipe-off laminate * number increments to 100 on one side/blank lines on the other * Size: 10" by 2" each * 36 clothespins * Color: 6 each of red * orange * yellow * green * blue * and purple


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Really Good Stuff®
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